Testimonials From Past Clients

“Mark is an outstanding Realtor and provided me with excellent advice while I was purchasing a home from 9.5 hours away.  Mark’s responsiveness & communication was excellent.  He never wasted my time when I would come into town.”

                                                                 Julie T.


Of all the decisions we made in Selling our home and Buying the new home, working with the Ratti Team was the best decision we made! Your Team is professional, efficient, timely, and courteous.  When selling a house problems always pop up at the most inconvenient time, your group addressed them with us rather than dropping problems on our lap and leaving us to fend for ourselves. Working with your Team has been a pleasure – a breath of fresh air at a time of great pressure when we are buying new construction with a different real estate agent who was less than helpful with a home that was not ready to move into. Thank you for your honest assistance!”

                                                                 Tim & Jonni B.


"It is with great pleasure, we recommend very highly Mark Ratti Jr and his team to anyone looking for real estate services in the Bethel Park and neighborhoods. Mark went beyond an agent's normal role in taking care of our house showings, feedbacks, appraisal, inspection and closing activities. It really helped reduce our stress in selling the house as we were working with him from out-of-state."
VJ & Venki K.

We wanted to thank you and your entire team for all of the attention and support you’ve given us to sell our house.  We’ve had experience with several other Realtors years ago for another property, and from day 1 working with you we noticed a huge difference from other companies.  We were impressed with your effort, knowledge and attitude of supporting us through this process. 

                You consistently kept us updated on everything from scheduling tours and giving us feedback from other Agents to letting us know the details of what to expect next. Any time we asked for information about anything you and your team made it a priority to respond in a timely manner. This quality was extremely valuable to us by helping to ease the anxiety of the stressful process of selling our house.

Another aspect that stood out to us was your willingness to give us suggestions and guidance on repairs and preparation without being overly aggressive with pushing us to make unnecessary improvements, which we’ve noticed other Realtors seem to have a habit of doing.  Your understanding of the local housing market helped us set the initial listing price that was appropriate for our property and location while still meeting the goals we discussed.   In the 4-5 months that our house was on the market we had over 30 showings, which was well more than we ever expected.  I realize that the location had something to do with that as well, but the advertising you and your team did for us through different channels no doubt was a major factor in this.

We want to thank Mark Sr. and Drew as well for showing the house, getting photos taken and any other behind-the-scenes effort they gave in contributing to the success of this sale.  Also, Michelle did a great job getting everything lined up with the closing company which made for a smooth process on closing day, and she too was very responsive in getting any questions answered. “

                                                 Brett & Brandy G.

The Mark Ratti Team
The Mark Ratti Team
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