Utility Companies

Pittsburgh Utility Companies

The local utility companies require buyers to contact them personally regarding change of service.  We will let you know which utility companies you will need to contact before moving in to your new home in Pittsburgh.  For your convenience, we have listed the names and telephone numbers of these utilities below.




Duquesne Light                             888-393-7100

West Penn Power 

(formerly Allegheny Power)   800-255-3443



Equitable                                 800-654-6335; 412-395-3050

Dominion/Peoples                      800-764-0111

Columbia                                   888-460-4332




Pennsylvania American Water Co.   (PAWC)      800-474-7292

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA)     412-255-8935 (2443 permits & meters) 



Comcast                                   888-262-6300

Adelphia Cable                         800-892-7300

Verizon                                     800-660-2215

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